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"There is No Stress in EMS"


Despite the class title, stress is a reality for everyone in the Emergency Services industry. The unique challenges EMS workers face put them in danger of the physiological impact of stress on the human body. Students will learn to recognize signs of stress early and diffuse them to preserve their own mental and physical health.


At the conclusion of this class,   each student should be able to meet the following objectives:

  1. Define stress in their own words as it applies to their job as well as outside of work
  2. Discuss the rates of suicide amongst EMS professionals, likely causes, and signs to observe that a provider may be having a mental health crisis.
  3. List resources available to assist providers in resolving mental health problems
  4. Describe the impact of dehydration and poor diet on body physiology and how it relates to stress and cognition
  5. Describe sleep cycles and how each phase effects the body and mind.
  6. Discuss the benefits of quality sleep and ways to maintain it despite struggles common to the EMS industry such as inconsistent sleep times and interruptions to sleep.
  7. Explain the link between overall body physiology and mental health.
  8. Describe ways to get exercise in space-limited environments.


NREMT Course ID: TO00625243

  • EMR: 2 Individual Topic
  • EMT: 2 Individual Topic
  • AEMT: 2 Individual Topic
  • NRP: 2 Individual Topic

State of Michigan Approval: 22-ICE-04714

2 Preparatory Credits, All Levels

Class Information

Live Virtual Class

September 22, 2022, 9:00 – 11:00 AM

Price per Student


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