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It couldn't be more simple. One of our experienced instructors comes to your location with equipment and teaches your staff. The curriculum is customized to your industry and specific needs and your staff leave ready to respond to an emergency!

Group Training for Workplaces and Organizations

Whether you need certification to meet OSHA requirements, to keep your facility compliant with the State of Michigan, or you simply want to bring a class to your church in case there is ever an emergency, the Star of Life Institute is here to help!

Request a quote today and we will make arrangements to send an instructor and all equipment to the location of your choice!


Easy and Convenient

After your class, the members of your group will receive their certificates by e-mail within 24 hours from the Emergency Care and Safety Institute. These can be easily kept and verified online. Certifications are valid for two years from the date of issue.

Classes Designed to Meet Your Needs

We offer a wide variety of certifications to accommodate all types of businesses and organizations. Each component may be taught on its own or combined with another to meet the needs of the group (Example: Adult CPR and AED can be combined with Pediatric CPR and AED to make one class. All classes are customized based upon the needs of the group (so a CPR class taught for a church congregation will be taught differently than one for a group of factory workers.

Available Components

  • Adult CPR and AED

  • Pediatric CPR and AED

  • CPR for Professional Rescuers and Healthcare Providers (BLS)

  • Standard First Aid

  • Advanced First Aid

  • Wilderness First Aid

  • Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens

  • Oxygen Administration

  • Babysitting Lessons and Safety Training (BLAST!)

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